Payment Update

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Beginning Monday, November third we will be accepting American Express credit cards both in store and over the phone.

Road Tour: Day Six to Eight

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June 12

Braving the desert and the heat, we started out for the last leg of our journey to the LA Roadster Show. While the 253 miles was the shortest number we had driven on the trip, everyone was ready to arrive in Pomona.  Once we arrived, John wasted no time to get the truck and trailer washed for the show. We grabbed a quick lunch before heading to the Fairplex to park the trailer and to start the set up. We had dinner at a Sports Bar in Laverne and called it a night, knowing tomorrow would be a long day preparation.

June 13

Today everyone worked hard getting ready for the show. We had three ABF trailers to unload, each filled to the brim with bodies and parts. After a long day of setting up, and making sure that everything was ready for the show. We went to a Mexican Restaurant and called it a night.

June 14

Today was the first day of the show, and it was a great turn out. There was over 900 roadsters in attendance. Our booth, with all our fellow road tour cars parked around it looked great. We want to thank everyone for their help and support to make such an awesome display for the 50th Anniversary of the LA Roadster Show.

Road Trip: Day Four and Five

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June 10th (Part Two)

After replacing the carburetor, we reached the Grand Canyon.  To fully see this natural wonder, we decided to take the Pink Jeep Tour. The tour included IMAX tickets for a very informative film about the history of the Grand Canyon. After the two hour tour, we had some lunch while Jobe changed the shocks on the 32 Pickup. After lunch, we decided to make our way to Laughlin, Nevada. Though three miles into the trip, one of our fellow road tour member’s car gave out. He had been making repairs all along the way, but with the limited resources of being at the Grand Canyon; he could not makeshift a repair. Storing his car safely in the trailer, we were ready to go.  Luckily after this we were fortunate to not have any further issues on the road to Laughlin with the four tour cars we had built. Though another party member had less luck, his tire blew, causing the car to flip on its side. We are very glad to report that they were not seriously hurt.  The drive to Laughlin was a treacherous one in deed, with the temperature quickly soaring to 106 degrees once we entered into the desert.  Though throughout our drive there was copious amounts of beautiful scenery to take our minds off the heat.

After checking into the Harrah’s hotel, we met for dinner at a café and basked in the air conditioning of the hotel.

June 11

Today was a no drive day with everyone taking a break and getting to go their own way. Dale, Betty, John decided to visit the small town of Oatman, where Burrows run free. This turned out to be better in theory than application for Dale. One burrow decided that it was wanting some of Dale’s candy and took a bite out of the bottom of the bag. While another burrow decided that Dale looked better, and proceeded to take a bite out of his hand. After Dale’s unique approach to hand feeding, we got his bite wound cleaned up to make sure that the dreaded Jackass Fever wouldn’t set in. We are glad to report that so far he’s in the clear, but will have to keep a close eye on him just in case any symptoms spring up.

Others in the group decided to explore Laughlin, to see what the town had to offer. After a day of relaxing and learning that donkeys can be much more sinister than originally thought; Kenny treated everyone to dinner at the Steak House.

Road Trip Day Three and Four

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June 9

We again attempted to leave the hotel at seven, but a non-Brookville car was having issues.  It had lost a spindle, though fortunately we had the parts they needed to do the repairs on the trailer. After a repair, we were on the road, and heading to Winslow Arizona in no time. Since the day was surprisingly cold, and Honey Badger had lost its top, Ken and Jobe took the clear coated 32 Coupe. This was okay with Donna and Rob, since they were ready for a break from driving. After being on the road for a while; we took a break. We found a truck stop that had a free car Museum, then ate lunch at Dairy Queen.  After lunch, the temperature had risen and Honey Badger was ready to hit the road, with Ken and Jobe wearing American flag bandannas on their heads. About 40 miles down the road the clear coated coupe had problems with the fuel injection package. After resetting the computer we were on the road again. Then a few more miles down the road the clear coated Coupe needed to take another break. After a few more repairs, we decided to put the coupe in the trailer.

After making it to our Hotel, we enjoyed a nice dinner and called it a night.


June 10


Again the plan was to get on the road at seven but our 32 Roadster was having some carburetor issues. After a few adjustments we were ready to hit the road, but first we had to turn back to see the corner that the Eagles had sung about in the song “Take it Easy”.  We were then inspired to take it easy ourselves, and had breakfast at a nice cafe. After breakfast, we finally hooked up with Gary Robinson and his buddy which has had a host of problems themselves while on the road.

As I am writing this we are on the road to the Grand Canyon.  Though I should specify on the side of the road to the Grand Canyon: about 40 miles out of Winslow, Arizona, the 32 roadster’s carburetor completely quit. Currently a new carburetor is being installed. Stay tuned for more updates.



Road Trip: Day Two

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June 8

We were supposed to leave the hotel, and hit the road at seven. Though got a late start at 8:30 due to the 32 Roadster pick up would not start. Overnight rain had set in and the distributor got wet.  Finally we got to the Starbird Museum in Afton, Oklahoma. Just as we left, more rain started to set in. The rain subsided just long enough to make the delivery in Oklahoma City.  After meeting the customer and dropping the parts off, it was 3:30 and everyone was starving. We decided on going to the TA Country Pride restaurant, which took almost two hours. From there we went to Shamrock , Texas to visit the old gas station  Many photos of our cars in front of the gas station were taken. We even hope to use one of them for our next catalog cover.

Jobe looked at the radar and said there was a big storm barreling towards us.  We got back on the road, making a mad dash to the hotel in Amarillo, Texas.  Everything was going well, until about seventies miles short of the hotel.  Honey Badger’s top came off while cruising at steady 90 MPH. Luckily, Ken was able to grab a hold before it flew off behind them; though in the process Ken’s fingers got bent all the way back and he accidentally  hit Jobe in the back of the head. The side curtain though did get away, and was ran over several times. After stopping and accessing the damage, they realized they would be making the rest of the trip without a top.

While working on repairing the top, the storm was getting nearer. We finally reached the Hotel just as the wind was kicking up, we decided that Honey Badger needed to be put in the trailer. Just as we were finishing getting Honey Badger to the safe confines of the trailer, the wind grew in intensity, providing a scary ride on the tail gate for Jobe. While Jim was trying to get out of the coupe, the same wind jerked the door out of his hand slamming the door shut, creasing the door in the process. If you still can’t get an idea of how wicked the wind was, Pam was getting the luggage in to the hotel and the wind blew her off the side walk almost knocking her down completely. After all the cars were taken care of, the luggage brought in, almost everyone went to bed except a few that had decided to order pizza, have a few beers, and watch the storm roll in.

Road Trip Day One

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 June 7th

We met up at the shop to and hit the road at about eight.  Approximately 1 hour on the road, a non-Brookville car had a flat but John L. pulled over and had him going in no time.

As we got closer to St. Louis it began to rain like crazy.  Kenny and Pam  messed up staying on route while attempting  getting a picture of the arch in St. Louis. This lead to an unexpected detour of a less than desirable neighborhood. Luckily,  Charlie & Dale were behind enough that they didn’t follow, but the Model A which is now christened “Honey Badger” , and the clear coated 32 coupe joined us on the detour.  The copper Coupe must have made the Same mistake we did because while waiting at a light, we saw it pass. This unexpected tour of St. Louis  took much more time than expected,  which caused us  to miss eating at the Goody Goody Diner. Though others on the Road Tour  did make it there, and  said the food was good but in a really bad area.

After more driving, we arrived in Springfield, Missouri.  We finally pulled into the  hotel at about six,  just in time for Happy Hour. Then  had dinner at Ruby Tuesday and called it a night, ready to see more of America in the morning.

Brookville Roadster Road Tour

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Brookville Roadster is going to the LA Roadster Show, and we want you to join us! Travel with us as we travel across the US. Stops include St. Louis, The Grand Canyon, Laughlin, and much more. After touring the backroads of America, we will arrive in sunny Pomona just in time for the LA Roadster Show. There is no fee to travel in the road tour but attendees will be responsible for all travel expenses. For additional information please visit the following links.

Official Event Page:

Facebook Event Page:

Register For the Road Tour.