Brookville Roadster Crew Introduction: Management Staff

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We hope everyone had a great Holiday! We are going to continue the Employee introductions by introducing rhe rest of our management staff next.


Name: Kenny Gollahon

Years of Service: 18

Position: President, Customer Service, Marketing Manager

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Kenny Gollahon is the president of our company and wears many hats.  His main responsibilities are marketing, sales, new product development and general company duties.  Over many years Kenny has been instrumental in bringing a lot of new products to the street rodding industry.  He spear headed the 32 Roadster, 32 Roadster pickup and 3 Window Coupe projects.  Kenny is also responsible for coordinating and selling during our busy show schedule, Brookville Roadster currently does 15 shows all over the country.



Name: Pam Knox

Years of Service: 3

Position: Project Manager, Controller, Human Resource Manager

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Pam started working for the company 3 years ago with the main goal of ensuring our facility was OSHA compliant. She quickly became involved with more aspects of the company. She worked for 8 years in the Quality Engineering Department for another company, as well as managing her own business since 1996. She has used her knowledge to help develop and improve the efficiency of our processes to better ensure Quality Products.  She has acted as Project Manager for many projects such as; OSHA Compliance, BWC cost reduction, Process control using SPC, Generating Standard operating procedures, Warehouse organization, Car show, Employee Development and Updating the Accounting software.


Name: BJ Ballengee

Years of Service: 5

Position: Shipping Manager, Production Control, and Customer Service


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BJ started working for the company 5 years ago as a Shipping and Receiving Clerk. The knowledge of the parts and his computer savyness has made him a true asset as both a Customer Service Rep. and in Production Control. He has been involved in many projects in the last couple years. A couple projects include: reorganization of the warehouse, Inventory management and control and Product Cost Analysis.

Brookville Roadster Crew Introduction: Charlie Bush, Plant Manager

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To begin our introduction to our Brookville Roadster Crew, we would like to introduce you to an Employee who has been with us for 38 years. Charles Bush is our Plant Manager. He began here when the business was located on Amity Rd. in the founder’s garage. He has been with the company through its various location moves and has watched the growth of the current location. When he started working for the company he would work 4 hours in the evening when he got out of school and 9 hours on Saturday. When we asked if he had any type of formal training or attended a trade school, he joked that he attended “Ray’s Academy”. He has been involved with many different projects over the years, a couple of them include the purchase of our first laser and laid out the first Model A Bed by taking all measurements from an original bed and running parts on the press brake.


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Welcome to Brookville Roadster’s Blog!

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Hello and welcome to Brookville Road

ster’s new website and blog. My name is Kenny Gollahon, President of Brookville Roadster, and I am really excited about the launch of our brand new website and the addition of the new blog and discussion forums. As most people in the street rodding industry know, Brookville Roadster is the global leader in reproduction All-Steel 1928-1932 Fords. All of our body panels are made of the same gauge steel and are totally interchangeable with the original Ford bodies. What makes Brookville Roadster the global leader is the passion and dedication that is put into every product manufactured. We take great pride in assuring that only the finest quality goes into all of our “100% U.S.A. Made “products that are manufactured in our 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility.  We manufacture 9 different all steel 1928-32 Ford bodies, several kits, and over 500 body panels. As you browse our new website you will see the passion and dedication that is put into all our products.  Brookville Roadster has won several industry recognition awards and many product of the year awards.  The new discussion forums are going to be used to create an environment where avid car collectors and newbies to the industry can find answers to a lot of their questions about 1928-32 Fords.   These forums will be a great way for our customers to interact with Brookville Roadster and each other and find answers to commonly asked questions. In weeks and months to come I hope to create a buzz in the industry with our new blog. In blog posts to come we will be showcasing our workers, products, technical support and company history. I hope you appreciate the effort we put into our new website and look forward to hearing from our customers. As the motto goes “Get Real Ride In Steel”

Kenny Gollahon